Ifa priest, Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila, recently shed light on the spiritual implications of exhuming a dead body. He took to Twitter and via his handle @animolenikun to discuss the situation surrounding the exhumation of the late Nigerian musician, MohBad, who passed away in mysterious circumstances.

According to Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila, there are important spiritual considerations that must be taken into account when exhuming a body. He emphasized the existence of laws and traditions governing such actions. Here are the key points he highlighted:

  1. After the body is exhumed, it is imperative not to leave the grave open. Additionally, it is not permissible to bury the individual in the same location again.
  2. A banana tree must be cut, enveloped in a white cloth, and placed back in the grave.
  3. To complete the process, the shedding of blood is required. This can be done through the sacrifice of a chicken or a male goat, along with other specific items.
  4. The purpose of these rituals is to safeguard the community against future deaths and to provide protection for those involved in the exhumation and witnessing of the process.

Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila also mentioned the possibility of performing the Órò ritual in the area in the near future.

It is important to note that these practices and rituals are deeply rooted in the spiritual beliefs and traditions of the Ifa religion. They are conducted with the intention of maintaining harmony within the community and ensuring spiritual protection for all involved.

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