In an unshocking turn of events, Azeez Fashola, widely recognized as Naira Marley, finds himself in the midst of a growing criminality. The Nigerian artist, known for his provocative music, is now facing backlash for his involvement in the recent tragedy surrounding Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as MohBad.

Nigerians are raising questions about Naira Marley’s role in the untimely demise of MohBad who had an embattled experience as an artist under the Marlian Record Label owned by Naira Marley. These questions are highlighting a history that has often blurred the lines between Naira Marley’s art and real-life actions. It’s essential to note that this isn’t the first time Naira Marley’s name has been associated with high profile crime.

A Troubling History

Delving into Naira Marley’s past reveals a troubling narrative. His music has frequently been criticized for promoting themes such as sexual indecency, robbery, cybercrime, gangsterism, drugs, and bullying, among others. However, many Nigerians have enjoyed his songs, despite the questionable contents.

A Dark Chapter

Digging deeper into Naira Marley’s history, a report published by the London news website, Newsshopper, in 2014 sheds light on an alarming episode.

At the age of 19, Naira Marley, then known as Azeez Fashola, was declared wanted by Lewisham Police, along with four other men. The charges ranged from robbery to sexual assault on a night bus. His mugshot from that time shows him dressed in a black T-shirt, his left eye swollen, underlining the seriousness of the accusations.

A Complex Response

Upon facing legal troubles in the UK, Naira Marley returned to Nigeria, seeking refuge. However, what followed was unexpected – rather than condemning his criminal actions, many Nigerians embraced him, turning him into a celebrated figure. This unexpected acceptance appears to have further emboldened his criminal lifestyle.

The Unanswered Question

Now, as the controversy surrounding MohBad’s tragic death unfolds, Nigerians are left questioning their own complicity in Naira Marley’s journey. Is it too late to address these concerns when the damage has already been done?

Naira Marley’s story is a complex one, highlighting the blurred lines between art and reality and raising important questions about society’s role in the rise of controversial figures. As the investigations continue, one thing is certain: this is a tale that will continue to captivate and divide public opinion in Nigeria and beyond.

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