The military leadership of Niger has recently announced the termination of a military cooperation agreement with its neighboring country, the Republic of Benin. This agreement was signed last year with the aim of enhancing border security between the two countries. However, there have been very few joint operations carried out under this agreement.

Delegation of Republic of Niger, 2022

Niger has stated that the Republic of Benin is hosting troops in preparation for a potential intervention, and this is the reason it is terminating its military corporation with Benin.

It is worth noting that on July 11th, 2022, the Defense Ministers and Chiefs of Staff of Benin and Niger had met in Niamey to discuss and strengthen military cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The focus of this cooperation was primarily on enhancing border security.

Delegation of the Republic of Benin, 2022

However, due to the recent developments, the military cooperation agreement has now been terminated.

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