Recall that in August, the West African regional bloc ECOWAS says it has chosen an undisclosed “D-Day” for a possible military intervention to restore ousted Niger’s president Mohamed Bazoum whose government was overthrown by the country’s military on July 26.

However in addition to a military aircraft sent to Niger, Burkina Faso has now deployed its soldiers to Niger (Tahoua), as part of its efforts to defend Niger against ECOWAS threat of military intervention. ALSO READ: Niger coup: Burkina Faso, Mali deploy warplanes after ECOWAS threat.

The Burkina Faso soldiers reportedly landed on September 7th around 3pm at Tahoua airport. ALSO READ: Terrorists killed in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso Joint Operation

One thought on “ECOWAS Military Intervention: Soldiers land in Niger”
  1. So which is which? This report is ambiguous. Which forces have landed in Niger? Ecowas standby force or Burkinabe forces?
    “In addition to sending a military aircraft to Niger…” Was it one aircraft?

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