On the evening of Sept. 7, 2023, A lady called some DSS personnel to arrest her tailor who didn’t deliver her clothes. They came and not only shot him (tailor) but a stray bullet hit an innocent sales girl sitting at her shop.

Below is the photo of the woman that was hit by stray bullet at Garki Market Abuja receiving treatment at the hospital.ALSO READ: Vehicle carrying pregnant woman shot: one dead, two injured

DSS in Nigeria stands for Department of State Services. It is a security agency that was formed to focus on intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, and protection of government officials, high-ranking personalities, and critical infrastructure within the country.

The agency is statutorily responsible for providing security and safeguarding national interests by combating threats such as terrorism, espionage, sabotage, and other forms of criminal activities.

The DSS operates under the authority of the Nigerian government with the obligation of maintaining national security and ensuring the safety of the Nigerian people. ALSO READ: 91-Year-Old Retired Catholic Priest Charged With Rape, Kidnapping

Contrary to its statutory role, the DSS has become a platform where anyone can hire its officers to harm or attack another party during a simple dispute.

Below is the photo of the tailor who was shot on his leg by the DSS.

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The actions of the DSS personnel angered the marketers, who attempted to block them from leaving the market. The personnel quickly fled, while the marketers pelted their vehicle with stones.

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