At the very early hours of Tuesday morning, a wave of fear swept through the three communities of Alaja, Seriki, and Ogogo in Ibadan, Oyo State. Armed robbers struck with audacity, targeting the unsuspecting residents and leaving them in shock. Their mission: to seize not only material possessions but also a sense of security.

Under the cover of darkness, the robbers infiltrated the communities situated on the new Ibadan/Oyo Expressway in the Akinyele Local Government Area. The timing of the attack, around 3 a.m., ensured that most residents were caught off guard, leaving them vulnerable to the robbers’ designs.

Reports indicate that the robbers made off with a variety of valuable items, including money, mobile phones, jewelry, and other belongings. The extent of the losses suffered by the residents is yet to be fully assessed.

Concerned citizens eagerly await the response of the authorities. At present, the police have yet to release an official statement concerning the incident. The lack of information from law enforcement only adds to the unease and uncertainty felt by the affected communities and the wider society.

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