The Veteran Community, comprising retired members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, is saddened to announce the untimely passing of one of its esteemed members, Nnamdi Okeke.

According to a statement issued by the Community, Mr. Okeke passed away on the 23rd of July, 2023, after battling a prolonged illness at the age of 39. A burial service has been scheduled to take place on October 27th and 28th, 2023, to honor and bid farewell to Mr. Okeke, who is described as “a young, vibrant, and gallant leader.”

One fellow military veteran who had a close relationship with Okeke expressed his deep sorrow about the untimely passing of this promising veteran. The veteran wrote:

“This news came as a big shock to me. A young military veteran gone so soon. About 12 years ago, when Okeke voluntarily disengaged from military service, I met him while he was pursuing a course at a university, and we spoke extensively about his career path as my junior colleague in the military.

“I advised him to fully dive into the private security business, and he agreed. He went through a rigorous process, acquired numerous certifications, and gained extensive knowledge in the field of security. He became a top security leader at Switzerland’s most prestigious security institute, making waves and positively impacting lives all over the world. He even took people to Switzerland to run security courses and has been a blessing to humanity in the private security sector.”

The veteran continued, “He paid the price for success, starting as a child soldier at the Nigerian military school in Zaria and ultimately becoming a globally recognized security expert. Sadly, he was taken away from us at a very young age. Rest in peace, Okeke. Your accomplishments are shining brightly. Rest on.”

Meanwhile, the veteran community “encouraged friends, sympathizers, and colleagues to offer their support during this difficult time. For further information or to extend condolences, please contact Silvanus at +1 (713) 878 3788 or Success at +234 803 860 2447.”

The Veteran Community added that “Mr. Nnamdi Okeke was known for his dedicated service as an officer within the Veteran community. He was a promising young Nigerian who wholeheartedly believed in the greatness of our nation. His loss has deeply affected those who had the privilege of knowing him.”

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