New video of Yevgenye Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian backed Private Military Company (PMC) emerged on internet, claiming he was somewhere “in Africa”.

This follows few messages saying he recently arrived in Bamako, Mali. ALSO READ: CONFIRMED: Russian-backed Wagner Mercenaries Arrive Niger.

While TOWN CRIER is yet to confirm the presence of the Wagner leader in Africa, the recent arrival of a Russian IL-76 from Moscow to Bamako through Damascus raise a high level of suspicion.

This is Yevgenye Prigozhin second video after his mutiny in Russia. His first video was when he welcomed Wagner PMC troops to their Belarus base. In this recent video, he can be seen calling for recruits to register with the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC). This call is reportedly an attempt to recruit veteran African fighters to his rank as Wagner PMC is planning on extending its influence in the continent.

In the viral video, the Wagner boss said, “We are working. Temperature +50°. Everything we love. The Wagner Group conducts reconnaissance and search activities, makes Russia even greater in all continents! And Africa even more free. Justice and happiness for the African peoples. Nightmare of ‘ISIS’, ‘Al-Qaeda’ and other gangsters. We hire real heroes and continue to fulfill the tasks that were set and which we promised we would fulfil.”

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