TOWN CRIER tracked a Nigerian Air Force Falcon 7X (reg. 5N-FGU) that flew this morning to Niamey and is now returning to Abuja. Reports indicate that General AbdulSalam Abubakar is leading an ECOWAS delegation on board, being returned to Nigeria after a meeting with the Nigerien military government.

Niger’s military government announces three-year transition

Meanwhile, Niger’s new military government has announced a three-year transition of power, according to recent reports. This development comes after discussions with the delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which arrived in Niamey just yesterday. During their visit, the ECOWAS delegation also had the opportunity to meet with Niger’s deposed president, Mohammed Bazoun, marking the first public appearance for him since last month’s coup.

It is important to note that following the military’s assumption of leadership through the coup, the supply of uranium to France was halted. Some individuals hold the belief that the western powers will not agree to a three-year period without access to Niger’s uranium. They speculate that the French government, in particular, may exert pressure on ECOWAS to take swift and forceful action as a means to protect their own interests. This situation could potentially result in consequences such as the evacuation of US drone bases or even the involvement of private military company Wagner.

On the other hand, there are those who view the military government’s proposed three-year period in power as a significant step forward. They see it as an opportunity to address issues related to corruption, imperialism, and the exploitation of Niger’s resources by France, the US, and other Western allies. This extended period could potentially allow for a thorough cleansing of these problems within the country.

It is important to continue monitoring the situation as future developments unfold and to understand the diverse perspectives surrounding the proposed transition of power in Niger.

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