Currently, there is an ongoing protest at the University of Benin regarding a power blackout. The students are expressing their frustration as they have been without electricity for the past three days, despite their exams being scheduled to start next week.

A student, who spoke to TOWN CRIER, stated, “We feel extremely sad and disappointed that the university administration has subjected us to this prolonged darkness. Even with the increase in school fees, our living and learning conditions have worsened. We have been without electricity for three days now. How can we cope with this kind of mistreatment?”

The aggrieved student added that, “The lack of light has prevented us from studying, and our living conditions have deteriorated significantly. Through this protest, we urge the vice-chancellor to restore electricity immediately. We do not want this unfortunate situation to escalate any further.”

As at the time of filing, the students are seen marching along the university’s clinical hostel.

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