In a recent development, Adegbola Abdulazeez, also known as Taniolorun, a traditional religious devotee and activist, has been arrested and subsequently remanded in jail in Kwara State. The arrest was made on grounds of alleged defamation, among other charges, including insulting the Emir of Ilorin.

According to reports, Adegbola Abdulazeez was apprehended in Ìbàdàn on Wednesday night (August 16) and promptly taken to Ilọrin, where he is now held in prison awaiting further legal proceedings.

As an African religionist otherwise known as an Isese devotee, and activist, Taniolorun has been known for his involvement in advocating for the recognition and acceptance of traditional faith practices. His arrest has garnered attention within the community, and many are expressing concern over the situation.

The arrest and subsequent detention of Adegbola Abdulazeez have raised discussions and debate about freedom of expression and religious beliefs in the region. It remains to be seen how this case will be resolved and what implications it might have for the broader community.


In 2022, Tani Ọlọhun, a strong advocate of the Ifa religion, converted from Islam and quickly gained popularity as a public commentator. He challenged the authenticity of Islam while urging the Yoruba people to return to the Ifa religion, which he believed to be the true religion of the Yoruba race.

During one of his Facebook live programs, Tani Olohun was challenged by viewers who believed that a Quran could never burn. In response, he purchased a copy of the Quran and burnt it during his Facebook Live session. This act led to a multitude of threats from Muslim fanatics. He received threats on his life and was even attacked, although he narrowly escaped.

The threats against his life prompted many believers of the Isese religion to speak out in his defense. They emphasized that no one should be threatened or attacked due to their religious beliefs.

IseseTv subsequently posted a video on their Facebook page. The video featured footage of Alhaji Oladejo, also known as Onimalu, and the Asiwaju Adinni of Ibadanland. He led members of his extended families at Agbede Adodo area in Ibadan and burned their family’s sacred Eku Eegun, known as Egungun Ofi Sanga (Masquerade’s Regalia). This action took place in a public space and was allegedly carried out to denigrate the sanctity of the Isese religion.

Isese TV compare the action of Tani Olohun with that of Alhaji Oladejo and question why Muslims are targeting Tani Olohun’s life, while the Isese didn’t challenge Alhaji Oladejo’s choice but considered it his right to religious freedom.

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