Protesters hits the streets of Kano State to express their displeasure against ECOWAS military intervention in the Republic of Niger. The protesters are held chanting “NO TO WAR”.

While moving in a procession, they were chanting “Nigeriens are our brothers, Nigeriens are also our family.

“Niger is ours, we don’t want war, war against Niger is injustice, a plot by the western forces.”


As they were dragging the French flag on the ground, the protesters simultaneously held Nigerian and Nigerien flags, along with placards, and chanted anti-war catchphrases.

This followed an intense call against the ECOWAS plan to launch a military attack against Niger. This call became loud especially amongst Northern Nigerians who believe that Nigeriens are neighbours with whom they share things in common.

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One thought on “VIDEO: NO-TO-WAR Protest Breaks Out in Kano State, Nigeria.”
  1. all other afrikan countries must follow westernafrika by taking power from western puppies on the sunpeople continent, its about time afrikans effects desired change themselves, as the winds of the change blow parttwo vigorously across the globe courtesy of putinthegreat, this slim opportunity will never avail itself again, lets grab it with both hands, as geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting aggressively along the pacific ring of fire, afrikans please lets wakeup since we are on our own and time waits for no man…

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