The information circulating is that Nigerian soldiers from Ojo Army Barracks in Lagos State are currently being deployed to Niger Republic. While this is unconfirmed, Nigeria’s President Tinubu, the leader of ECOWAS, reaffirmed his willingness for a military intervention in Niger “as soon as possible.” This reaffirmation was made at the Second Extraordinary Summit of ECOWAS, which took place yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria.

Meanwhile according to a spokesperson for the ECOWAS, West African Army Chiefs of Staff are planning a meeting next week to prepare plans for a possible military intervention in Niger, Reuters reports.

France Shipped Military Artilleries to Nigeria through Onne Seaport:

An anonymous private investigator who disseminates information through its X handle, @PIDOMNIGERIA has alleged that:

“On Monday the 7th of August 2023, a large cache of arms and heavy military artilleries were sent into Nigeria from France, for the invasion of Niger Republic.”

It added that, “To hide their secret, they shipped it into Nigeria using the Onne seaport in Rivers State, instead of the super Lagos seaport, because of press attention.” CLICK TO READ: US, France Back ECOWAS Military Intervention Against Niger.

@PIDOMNIGERIA made this allegation in a series of tweets released today which is titled, “Tinubu and ECOWAS should stop lying. They are all puppets to France.”

The investigator shared a video showing moving military artillery which is said to have arrived from France to the Onne Seaport, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Furthermore, @PIDOMNIGERIA stated that, “The military equipments and large number of armoured personnel carriers were offloaded from the FOT Port, very late in the night, when there were less persons or activities on the road.

“On Tue the 8th of August 2023, I intercepted a military signal calling for a special military operation in Sokoto, after the Nigerian senate has stand down the military deployment of soldiers in Niger-Republic. Tinubu govt wanted to still use the Special Ops to disguise.

“The special Operation force being sent to Sokoto in disguise for OPHD operation. First of it’s kind in Sokoto since the OPHD operations started in Nigeria.
Who is arming the soldiers? France. What weapons and military equipments will they use? The ones shipped into Nigeria, from France, via Onne seaport in Rivers State.
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“So ECOWAS and Tinubu should stop lying. They are puppets to France. This War is about some selfish interest in ECOWAS and France.”

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