Nigerians and members of the Fountain of Life Church are currently grieving the loss of Pastor Daniel Taiwo Odukoya, the founding pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, who passed away today in the USA.

In an official statement, the Fountain of Life Church expressed their deep sorrow and described Pastor Odukoya as a father, teacher, and devoted servant of the highest God.

The news of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s passing has evoked heartfelt condolences and shared grief among many. One mourner took to Twitter to highlight the numerous challenges the late pastor faced in his lifetime.

“Pastor Taiwo Odukoya went through a lot. He lost his amiable wife, Bimbo, in a plane crash in 2005. He remarried and then lost his second wife, Nomthi, to cancer in 2021. In that same year, he lost his twin sister, Kehinde, at the age of 65. Despite these tragedies, he continued to preach the gospel. Now he has died at age 67. My heart goes out to his family and the entire Fountain of Life church.” the tweep tweeted.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, loved ones, and the entire Fountain of Life Church community during this difficult time of mourning and reflection. The legacy of Pastor Daniel Taiwo Odukoya will undoubtedly be remembered and cherished by all those whose lives he touched.

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