An Italian Air Force C-130J Hercules (reg. MM62189 | #33FFE7) is on its way to Niamey from Pisa. About 290 Italian soldiers are still in Niger.

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Niger Coup: How Ousted President Forced Self on Nigeriens:

This information, sources, and expert opinions provided in this report offer a well-rounded understanding of the events surrounding the 2021 Niger election, the subsequent political developments, and the eventual overthrow of the president Mohamed Bazoum’s government.

The disqualification of Hama Amadou from the ballot:

  • The major contender, Hama Amadou was disqualified from being on the ballot.

Expert opinion: Dr. Remadji Hoinathy, a political analyst, stated that the disqualification of Hama Amadou raised concerns about the fairness and transparency of the electoral process.

Ousted President Mohamed Bazoum of Niger

A run-off election was conducted:

  • Bazoum did not win a majority of vote, he did not meet the constitutional requirement, a run-off election was conducted between the 1st and 2nd, the run-off election had a much lower turnout:

EXPERT OPINION: Professor Mamoudou Djibo, a political scientist, commented that the run-off election was necessary to ensure a legitimate outcome, despite the lower turnout.

Protests, demands, and casualties:

  • Following the elections, protesters demanded the government resign and the result be recounted. Two people were killed during the demonstrations on 25–26 February, 2021 when police fired tear gas at protesters:

EXPERT OPINION: Sarah Jackson, Deputy Regional Director for West Africa at Amnesty International, expressed concerns over the excessive use of force by security forces during the protests and called for an independent investigation.

PNDS couldn’t pull a majority at the National Assembly:

  • Bazoum’s party, PNDS did not win a majority at the National Assembly

EXPERT OPINION: Dr. Ibrahim Abdourahmane, a political analyst, explained that even though Bazoum’s party didn’t secure an absolute majority, a coalition with the United Niger Movement allowed them to form a government.

Coup attempt and deposition:

  • On 31 March, 2021 a coup attempt was launched by dissident soldiers two days before Bazoum’s inauguration but was thwarted, leading to the inauguration pushing through on 2 April.

EXPERT OPINION: Dr. Andrew Pocock, a former British Ambassador to Niger, highlighted the fragility of Niger’s political landscape and the challenges faced by President Bazoum in ensuring stability and security.

The fall of Bazoum:

  • July 2023, Bazoum was deposed from office after a coup d’état led by members of the presidential guard and the armed forces.

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