In what appears as a response to Nigeria cutting off electricity from the people of Niger as a sanction to compel the new government of Niger to reinstall the ousted president, Bazoum, the PNDS Tarayya party has released a statement expressing concern over the alleged electricity cut-off at the Residence of the Presidential Palace, where their party leader and ousted president of Niger, Bazoum, is currently held.

At the time of filling this report, sources claim men are on the roof of the building.

Unconfirmed reports say this development is linked to the call of the M62, a pro-coup organization, for protests to show support for the new government and the call for the evacuation of Western military bases in Niger.

“It’s national independence day, they’ll try to get as many people as possible,” a source claim.

Meanwhile, the Niger authorities have issued new NOTAMs last evening: Agadez, Niamey and Zinder Airport are back open to (civil) International flights, but only if they come from and depart back through airspaces of Algeria, Bukina Faso, Libya, Guinea and Chad.

Military flights are not allowed and still need a permit.

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