Niger has suspended the export of uranium to France.

According to the French nuclear energy company Orano (formerly Areva), approximately one-third of the electricity generated in France comes from nuclear power plants, which primarily rely on uranium as a fuel source. This uranium is largely taken away from Niger, a country located in West Africa, to France’s nuclear industry.

Niger’s wealth of uranium deposits plays a substantial role in meeting France’s nuclear energy demand. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that in 2018, France took away around 3,102 metric tons of uranium belonging to the people of Niger, accounting for approximately one-third of France’s total uranium imports. Although France has various uranium suppliers, but Niger has consistently been one of its key sources.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider that the figure of one-third may vary slightly from year to year depending on factors such as availability, market dynamics, and international agreements. It is also important to remember that this statistic refers specifically to light bulbs powered by electricity generated from nuclear energy.

While Niger, a country abundant in uranium resources, faces significant challenges in providing electricity for its population, approximately one out of every three light bulbs in France is powered by uranium sourced from Niger.

Uranium generates electricity, yet only 18% of Niger’s citizens have access to electricity.

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