Russian President Vladmir Putin has announced at the recently concluded Russia-Africa summit that his country will provide six African nations with 50,000 tons of free grain, along with free delivery and no conditions attached. The beneficiaries include Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Eritrea.

While some political commentators question the motives behind this act, suggesting that Russia may expect loyalty or more in return, many others see it as an evidence of Putin’s understanding of the value of building relationships with Africa. With its vast resources and untapped potential, a united and independent Africa could hold great sway as a major player in the evolving multipolar world, a vision that both Russia and China have been advocating for.

@KastmanMelonie, a Twitter user, expressed her thoughts on this development, stating, “The West has spent a lot of energy to prevent a United Africa. The DRC alone would have a larger GDP than the US and UK combined, and it has enough hydro power to electrify all of Africa. With its young workforce, the stars are aligning.”

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