The Joint Action Front (JAF), a coalition of trade unions, student organizations, and civil society groups, has made a fervent call for a nationwide mass meeting to discuss the concerning state of the nation and to seek solutions to the ongoing alarming increase in fuel pump price. This is made known in a public statement signed by the JAF Secretary, Comrade Abiodun Aremu, and the said meeting is set to take place tomorrow, Saturday, July 22nd, at 6 PM.

JAF, a leading voice within Nigeria’s pro-democracy movement, tirelessly advocates for social, economic, and political justice. Committed to achieving a more just and equitable society, this dynamic coalition actively promotes workers’ rights, combats corruption, and challenges anti-people policies through mass actions, including protests and strikes.

The continuous surge in petroleum prices has severely affected the Nigerian population, leading JAF to take bold action and call for this critical gathering. The organization intends to rally the nation’s citizens and stakeholders to address this pressing issue head-on.

Operating on the principles of unity and collective action, JAF seeks systemic change through the mobilization of diverse sectors of Nigerian society. With a firm stance against privatization and neoliberal policies, JAF steadfastly works towards good governance, accountability, and the fair representation of the people’s interests.

This nationwide meeting serves as an opportunity for concerned individuals and groups to share their grievances, exchange ideas, and collectively determine an effective course of action. JAF emphasizes the importance of citizens daring to struggle and daring to win, encouraging all participants to rise in solidarity against the ever-increasing petroleum prices plaguing the country.

Comrade Abiodun Aremu stated that the link for this important meeting will be shared as soon as possible, as it will allow participants to engage actively in this crucial dialogue. As the nation awaits this significant gathering, hopes are high that concerted efforts will bring about the necessary changes to alleviate the burden of rising petroleum prices and create a fairer and more prosperous Nigeria.

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