EDO Civil Society Organizations (EDOCSO) has announced a peaceful protest against the recent increase in fuel pump prices in Nigeria. In a statement signed by its Interim Public Relations Officer, Leftist Aliyu Umweni, the protest action is scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2023, at 7 AM sharp, and the Museum Ground at Ring Road, Benin City, has been named as its convergence point.

The protest aims to provide citizens with a platform to express their frustrations and demand accountability from the government.

The sharp rise in fuel costs has had a detrimental effect on Nigeria’s economy and the lives of ordinary citizens. Transportation fares and essential commodities have become more expensive, creating significant hardships for the population. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, EDOCSO’s efforts have garnered significant support.

The upcoming protest is anticipated to draw a large crowd of sympathetic Nigerians who also seek a reversal of the high fuel prices and long-term solutions to the country’s energy crisis. With this growing pressure from citizens, the Nigerian government is now under increasing pressure to address their concerns and find a more equitable solution to the fuel price crisis.

Both the outcome of the protest and the government’s response hold great significance for Nigerians who are hopeful for tangible changes in fuel pricing policies and a more stable future. As the date approaches, there is eager anticipation surrounding these developments.

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