EDO STATE, NIGERIA – Popular comedian Lawre Osarenkhoe, better known as MC Casino, has recently voiced his concerns about unscrupulous individuals using his name and image to deceive the public. The comedian, who hails from Edo state, Nigeria, issued a public disclaimer to alert people of the ongoing scam.

In his statement, MC Casino stated, “It has been brought to my notice that a certain impostor is out to tarnish my reputation and business integrity by using different means to impersonate my brand and defraud people.”

He further emphasized that any form of business engagement or communication carried out through a phone number other than his legitimate one or his official social media handles should be discredited.

To clarify his stance, MC Casino disassociated himself from a specific phone number, 08108633463❌, cautioning the public that any transactions made through this number or any other means other than his official platforms – Facebook and Instagram – as well as his legitimate phone number, 0806 659 3913 ✅, were not endorsed by him. The comedian urged individuals to be cautious and not hold him liable for any damages resulting from interactions with unauthorized individuals.

MC Casino’s popularity has soared in recent years, earning him a place in the prestigious Hall of Fame as an ambassador of cultural ethics. Known for his ability to bring laughter and joy to people with his comedy skits and outstanding performances as a Master of Ceremonies, he remains committed to his craft.

As the investigations into the impersonation scam continue, MC Casino urges his followers and fans to stay vigilant and only engage with him through his recognized channels. He expressed gratitude for the support and loyalty from his fans who timely brought this ugly situation to his notice, and assured them that he would work diligently to resolve it and protect his reputation.

This developing story serves as a reminder of the dangers that exist for public figures and the importance of remaining vigilant in an increasingly digital world. Experts advise individuals to exercise caution when engaging in online activities and to always verify the authenticity of individuals and communications before proceeding with any transactions or engagements.

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