In an unexpected turn of events, a recent poll conducted by David Kurten, the leader of the Heritage political party in the United Kingdom, has unveiled a significant show of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin as the preferred choice for prime minister or president. Despite ongoing tensions and sanctions imposed by the West, Putin secured a staggering 77% of the votes among Kurten’s Twitter followers.

David Kurten

The poll, which featured four prominent international politicians, namely Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Joe Biden, and Russian President Putin, attracted a total of 58,584 votes. Sunak secured 11% of the vote, followed by Trudeau with 7%, while Biden trailed behind with 5% support from respondents.

The outcome of this survey has left many political observers startled, as it showcases a growing admiration and popularity for President Putin among British supporters of the Heritage party. Despite the West’s ongoing sanctions and antagonistic stance towards the Russian leader, the results suggest a marked influence and fondness for Putin’s leadership style and policies.

While it’s essential to note that this poll represents just a fraction of the broader British electorate, the overwhelming support for Putin from Kurten’s Twitter followers implies a substantial niche within the UK political landscape that views the Russian president favorably.

The results of the poll have raised questions about the potential impact of Putin’s growing popularity on British-Russian relations and the wider geopolitical landscape.

Critics argue that the outcome of the poll may also reflect a disillusionment with traditional Western leaders, as Putin’s powerful image and assertive foreign policy resonate with a segment of the British population.

Additionally, some experts point out that Kurten’s political party, Heritage, may have a particular ideological leaning that aligns with Putin’s policies, explaining the high levels of support from his followers.

As these poll results continue to reverberate, it remains to be seen how they will impact the political discourse within the UK. While it is crucial to highlight the limited scope of the survey, the enthusiasm and backing for President Putin among Kurten’s followers underscore an intriguing trend that could have broader implications for British politics and international relations moving forward.

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