Dear Olowo Blackson,

Happy birthday!

Today, we celebrate not only your special day but also the incredible individual you are. As a conscious Nigerian and a lover of African culture, you have proven yourself to be a significant advocate for the equitable distribution of resources in your nation.

Your staunch belief that the nation’s resources should not be monopolized by a privileged few at the expense of the majority is truly inspiring. You detest oppression and have made numerous sacrifices in your relentless pursuit of a better Nigeria and an advanced Africa.

Your talents as a cinematographer and storyteller become potent tools in your campaign for a society where every citizen, especially the downtrodden majority, can enjoy equal opportunities. Your commitment to using your skills to shed light on the struggles faced by ordinary Nigerians is truly commendable.

Despite your elevated height and demanding schedule, you remain humble and never unfinding time for those who seek your professional expertise or ideological guidance. Your willingness to uplift and empower others showcases your genuine character and compassion.

Olowo, you are one of the unsung heroes of Nigeria and Africa, tirelessly working towards the betterment of society. Your advocacy for democracy and pan-Africanism serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

May this birthday bring you joy, peace, and renewed determination. May your voice continue to resonate, inspiring positive change and empowering those who need it the most. Keep shining your light brightly, Olowo, and may your endeavors be successful in building a fair and just society.

Once again, happy birthday, dear Olowo Blackson!

Warmest wishes,


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