The book, Poems of Reflection: July 29 & Other Poems, CLICK LINK TO PURCHASE BOOK is a collection of poems by fast-rising author A.S. Afereno. His literary work touches virtually every aspect of human existence. The poems were inspired by events that played out while Afereno was still an undergraduate in the University. This literary masterpiece addresses educational, sociopolitical, religious, cultural, economic, and many other issues bothering mankind.

From the conscious exploitation of humans to the exploitation of nature and the aftermath of these events, corruption within political spaces, poverty and oppression, incarceration, CLICK LINK TO PURCHASE BOOK environmental degradation, spirituality, poor educational development, and corruption within the education sector in Africa, among others, are a few themes one could find within the over 50 carefully and subconsciously written poems. These poems provide a drive through life’s reality in today’s society, offering an unforgettable reading experience that acts as a wake-up call for the promotion of humanity over long-standing oppression and conscious exploitation in Africa and the world at large.

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