Seven years ago, Miss Aderibigbe Kafilat*, popularly known on Snapchat as the jiggling ass*, was a carefree young woman in her early twenties who loved to party and share her experiences on social media. She would post photos of herself drinking, smoking, and engaging in other inappropriate behavior with little regard for how her posts might affect her future. At the time, it all seemed like harmless fun, not knowing that “the yam pounded twenty years ago, still retains its hotness.”*

Fast forward to today, and Kafilat’s social media posts from seven years ago have come back to haunt her in a big way. She recently relocated from Nigeria to the United States, where she was offered a life-changing job, as head of the marketing department of a multinational tech company, and everything was going smoothly until the company’s hiring manager Googled her name. What he found was a series of cringe-worthy social media posts that depicted Kafilat in a less-than-flattering light.

Despite her impressive résumé, the Jiggling Ass was denied the job on the basis of her past social media activity. It was a crushing blow that left her feeling ashamed and regretful for her past behavior. She realized too late that her social media posts had a lasting impact, and that people were taking them seriously.

Kafilat’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for the dangers of uncultured social media posts. In today’s age of instant gratification and constant social media sharing, it’s easy to forget that the things we post online can have a lasting impact on our lives. Employers, colleagues, friends, and family members are all able to access our digital footprints with a few clicks of a button.

It is important to remember that employers often conduct thorough screenings of potential hires, including social media checks. Even well-intentioned posts and comments can be taken out of context and damage one’s professional reputation. The potential consequences of uncultured posts can be severe and long-lasting.

Kafilat’s regret is equally a valuable reminder to think twice before posting anything online. It’s important to cultivate a positive and professional online presence that reflects values and respects the boundaries of appropriate behavior. Don’t let the lure of social media gratification ruin your future opportunities. Be mindful, be respectful, and think before you post.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

*Nickname changed for privacy purposes.

*This is a proverb that originated from the Yoruba people of western Nigeria, and commonly used to express the idea that actions, regardless how long they were acted, remain relevant.

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