Femi Adeyeye poses with his sign-out vest

For the part 24 hours, there has been a name that has been rumbling the social media space in excitement and jubilation. Can you also hear the rumbling? While the ongoing mentioning of the name throughout the nooks and crannies of our public space is currently sending hot sweat down the spins of the merchants of public education, the defenders of public education and agitators of its adequate funding are drenched in the rain of celebration.

That name is Femi Adeyeye, and it belongs to a worthy leader of Nigerian students. The media space, Nigerian students and youths are celebrating Femi Adeyeye because like the Abiodun Aremus, Owei Lakemfas, Omoyele Sowores, Arogundades, Chima Williams, and many other die-hard pro-students cadres of their time, the name Femi Adeyeye has joined the synonyms of courage and of perseverance, in the history of the Nigerian students movement!

Femi Adeyeye, granting an interview in 2016 during his early days of being rusticated.

Despite being rusticated from the University of Lagos for his unyielding stance on student rights, like students’ revolutionaries long before him, Adeyeye refused to be intimidated by the university authorities and continued to be an outspoken advocate for Nigerian students in particular and the country at large.

Throughout his seven-year journey back to graduation, Adeyeye was repeatedly arrested and detained for his activism by the Lagos state Criminal Investigative Department. Despite these persecutions, he remained steadfast in his convictions and remained a determined voice for students’ rights.

Femi Adeyeye arrested

Like the popular Kongi soap known for its resilience, Adeyeye refused to break under any of the numerous pressures he faced. His unwavering spirit and determination to see positive change in the Nigerian educational system saw him through the toughest times.

Now that he has graduated and moved on from the University of Lagos, it is no doubt that Adeyeye’s tenacity and activism will continue to serve as an inspiration to many. He remains an inspiration to future generations of students that anything is possible despite the odds stacked against you.

Femi Adeyeye is a demonstration of the phrase “what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.” While his journey may have been challenging at times, he refused to allow it to dull his spirit and his determination to fight for what is right.

In a nation where activism is a risky venture, Femi remains a shining example of resilience and of bravery.

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