Dear Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF),

It is with great pleasure that we at The TOWN CRIER News and Media platform celebrate your 10 Years Anniversary. It is significant that we appreciate your immeasurable contributions to the global advocacy against environmental violations, climate change, and campaign for food sovereignty.

Over the years, you have made significant strides in advocacy, education, and research aimed at promoting sustainable environmental practices across Nigeria, South Sudan and the entire African continent.

Through your tireless efforts, you have amplified the voices of vulnerable communities and provided a platform for them to express their concerns about the ecological challenges they face daily.

We are deeply inspired by your focus on grassroots advocacy. By providing a voice for the voiceless in the Nigerian and global environmental and climate justice movements, you have continued to charge the world on the pertinence and urgency of leading a green lifestyle.

For the past ten years, you have brought communities affected by environmental degradation and climate change issues together with policymakers, regulators, and other key decision-makers, thereby generating critical insights and providing actionable solutions to help tackle these challenges.

Furthermore, you have been a driving force in advocating for climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies across Africa—an advocacy that has facilitated the creation of sustainable agricultural systems via your Food Sovereignty project, thus enabling communities to not only take ownership of their food systems, but to also ensure that food is grown sustainably, with dignity, and in harmony with natural systems.

HOMEF, your demonstrative remarkable resilience in driving sustainable change, even in the face of daunting odds, has truly rightfully earned you the reputation of an Ecological Think Tank!

Ten years on since your establishment, THANK YOU HOMEF for pledging continuity in your commitment towards the protection of our planet.

Once again, we at The TOWN CRIER News and Media platform congratulate you on this significant milestone. We are optimistic that the next few years will see even greater strides in your efforts to promote sustainable ecologies and drive for climate justice and food sovereignty.


Patrick, Majekodunmi Benjamin
Founder and Director
The TOWN CRIER News and Media

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4 thoughts on “HOMEF @ 10: Tribute to the Ecological Think Tank”
  1. Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary, it is a major feat and achievement that worth celebrating.

    I am Akintola Akinyemi A. from Green Globe Initiative (GGI) Kwara, and it is my first time coming across your beautiful works.

    If you don’t mind, l will like to share our upcoming project with you, and then build a synergy for impact.

    I look forward to your kind reply.

    Thanks and Regards…

  2. Thank you so much for the goodwill message. From all of us at HOMEF, we say thank you for supporting the work we do

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