Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Instead of listening to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings about “red lines”, the US has repeatedly crossed them, said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The candidate for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination also said that Washington should have either invited Moscow to NATO or broken up the anti-Russian alliance after the Cold War. ALSO READ: “The Ukraine War is the final collapse of the ‘American Century’” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“We should have listened to Putin for many years. We made a commitment to Russia, to Gorbachev, that we would not move NATO even an inch to the east. Then we went in and we lied,” Kennedy told “AnHerd”.

Instead of offering to integrate Russia with the West, as many diplomats called for in 1991, the US expanded NATO’s borders. ALSO READ: How NATO states sponsored ICC prosecutor’s Putin arrest warrant

“What is the purpose of NATO other than to confront Russia? If you approach Russia in a hostile way from the beginning, of course their reaction will be hostile,” Kennedy said.

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