Oguntade T. L (Dynamism)

What is the systemic organised stand of patriotic Labour Movement in this contemporary time compared to systematic egalitarian revolution of China 1949, Cuba 1959, Former Soviet Union 1917 with the rest that created their new society?

But in Africa especially Nigeria in which the Labour Movement of this modern society comprises the elite or professionals called the intellectuals and intelligentsia that are divided into reactionary and progressive wings, but they are not well organised while they sabotaged good governance towards achieving welfarism of the state.

Also, student movement, trade union, labour union, women organisation, peasant farmers and artisans that are part as the element of this labour movement ought to be systematically organised in order to constitute ninety five percent of people in the society that are capable of forming a patriotic progressive party of the working people for laying the ideological principle of a socialist state.

Nevertheless, socioeconomic model of welfarism and egalitarianism must be the paramount philosophical model of progressive elements to make the prevailing of sociopolitical model of socialism in the society. Whereas, classification of this socioeconomic model of welfarism joined together to created welfarism of the left “the leftist”, welfarism of the centre ” the centrist” and welfarism of the right ” the rightist”.

In this case, the leader of welfarism of the right is always a core capitalist who hypocritically pretended to sympathized with scientific socialism in order to deceive the people. Moreover, if welfarism is headed by a scientific socialist, it will eventually lead to an egalitarian society and finally communism. Meanwhile, Karl Marx said it will be determined according to potential revolutionary nature of the labour working people.

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