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German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist, Kim Dotcom, took to Twitter to share his opinion on the recent Pentagon Leaks. He tweeted as follows:

“Based on the latest leak of Pentagon files the US military has ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in the success of a Ukrainian counter-offensive. Lack of soldiers, training, logistics, ammunition and air defense against strong and well equipped Russian positions make a success ‘unlikely’.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that the leaked document reveals US doubts about Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

According to the leaked U.S. intelligence assessment, Kyiv’s problems accumulating troops, ammunition & equipment could lead to its military falling “well short” of initial goals.

The assessment allegedly warns of considerable “force generation and sustainment shortfalls” and the likelihood that Ukraine’s future counteroffensive will result in only “modest territorial gains,” the Washington Post wrote on April 10.

Kim Dotcom tweeted further:

“The White House insists on a spring offensive despite the risk of ‘exacerbated casualties during the offensive’. Why is @JoeBiden sending outnumbered, under-equipped and untrained men to their certain deaths? Random men @ZelenskyyUa ordered his stooges to kidnap off the streets.”

“This madness is the reason why a good person in the US Govt is leaking this intel. It’s warning us that the people in charge are completely mad, committing acts of terrorism (Nord Stream), sending thousands to die without a chance and provoking WW3 instead of negotiating peace.”

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