40 African countries are in Moscow today!! The conference is called “Russia-Africa in a Multipolar World.”

Are African leaders now ignoring Washington DC and its endless wars? Are they now sensing a new world of opportunities based on development and cooperation? Or are they sheep being led to the slaughterhouse?

Putin is also scoring big on global diplomacy. Meetings with Africa, followed by Xi Jinping’s 3-day visit!

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14 thoughts on “40 African countries are in Moscow today”
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  1. Russia and china were the ones that provided all the weapons and training along with the ideologies to the liberation movements in Africa. In essence they were out flanking the west. The west got the idea of getting Africa in dept with loans that could not be paid back and the dictated through ESSAP’s when payments defaulted. Who do you think Africa will now support. After all, If the west falls no more loans to pay back.

  2. The US is the mother of all harlots. The Beast that will be struck with a deadly wound. Kill it. The world will be a better when its dead.

    1. The Bible says that the ships captains will sit afar offshore and mourn at their loss as the smoke goes up.
      No one will describe the Great Tribulation as “better off.”

  3. This is what Africa should build on for the better future but also leaders should be very careful in choosing who to trust. At the end of the day whites remain whites and black will remain black no matter what. Africa has to be very careful this time than ever had been to not fall in another trap that will lead our generation in another political shit. But am confident that as longer as H.EPaul Kagame is among the gang we still stand a chance of a better decisions and plans for our continent. There you go our leaders and there you go Africa

  4. Russia, Putin are not the evil empire the corrupt msm wants us to believe, Mr. Putin
    cares about Russians and all He is doing is stopping the slaughter of Russians by Ukraine

  5. All I know is the Russian’s and Chinese have always assisted Africa against the colonial warmongers with money and arms, always negotiated deals, not stole, enslaved, dehumanised, incarcerated,so it’s obvious who are friends and who are the enemies.
    Roll on new world order with the Brics.

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