By A.S Afereno (10/11/2022)

Gnashing teeth
Shivering legs
Choking throat
Stretching veins
Reddish eyes
Seizing breath
All manner of negativity
On a single body
A dying soul

Punishment is for sinners
Not for those who seek sovereignty
Let’s not paint the white goat black
Let’s not call an earthworm a cobra
All because we want to justify our actions
For it was freedom demanded not war
An armless man who seeks peace for his people
Why unleash these armors of terror

He who kills by the sword dies by the sword
These are not mere sayings
Silencing his throat by hanging
Could that have been the end of a struggle?
You have only impregnated many
In their ovulation have you slept with their mentor
They shall all bear warriors and beasts
Those that will hunt you down
Till freedom and justice is attained

Just like Jesus on the cross
A faithful orator hanged by the throat
For telling the tales of bad Companies
Mr. Judge was not fair in judgement
The Dutch Lords were favored
All because they were Royal
The ruler had no mercy
Brutality was the scenario of his choking neck

Our hero may be gone
So far away to the beyond
But thank our ancestors he was pregnant
He gave birth before his last breath
These children and grandchildren of conscience
Now more dreaded in resistance
The ruler is gone
Eaten like Abacha meal in the East of the Niger
Can he now kill another?

Sacrifices of freedom
Sacrifices for sovereignty
Sacrifices paid to liberate a people
Oppressed and depressed
For the attainment of liberty, he died
The children of Wiwa
Must always remember not to forget
That it was not a mere death
But a reminder to the offspring to remain stronger
In this tough and rough struggle for liberty and justice

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