Nov. 2021

I am a victim
A victim of oppression
A thousand years and more gone
This undeniable pain so long
I thought we were brothers
But all I see are murderers
Taking our lives at will
What offense have we committed
To hail from same Mother-Earth
I am the helpless Croaker
Whom your beastly vessels won’t allow a sleep

Though we’re from same mother
Yet we share our own space
The open shallow waters of Okavango
The brackish oceans of the Niger Delta
We dare not move beyond
We dare not go land ways
Lest we’re consumed in thy fury
Is it a crime to live in waters
Is it an abomination to be brothers
Why make us restless in our own space
I am the armless Crayfish

You make me remember
Those days of your slavery exploit
Trading your fellows for pennies
Was it in the 13th or the 14th century
I just can not deeply recall
But for self aggrandizement
You chained their necks
And whipped their buttocks
There are no difference
Same are you doing to us now
All because we’re quiet to your acts
I am the mourning Sardinella

For a minute think!
Don’t be too callous to think
Think of your very own act against us
Is it fair on our world
That you leave yours to brutalize another’s peace
Think again and again O’ human
Where has thy being left to
Where is thy living soul
Are we no longer brothers
I am the troubled catfish

We are not robots inside the waters
We’re also humans like you
You’ve only being to blinded to realize it so
Not that we cannot fight back
Not that we cannot defend the water bodies
That we’ve chosen peace is no foolishness
We have also our military arm
Belittle not our capacity
Lest one day go be one day
The vessel rider will go and not return with me as usual
I am the Dolphin

Seize fire!
Spill thy crudes no more
They invade my privacy all day
Throw not thy thrash Canned bullets at me
They intoxicate my my very existence
You’re not at war with me
Why unleash these weapons of mass destruction
I just cannot breathe
All for the reason of your polluting ideas

SHELL not thy spills in TOTAL
Think of our losses found in your gains
I am the Barracuda
I am the Shark
I am the Whale
The one whom you trouble all day
For a life to live another must be sacrificed
But not in this gruesome manner
Not with this despising attitude towards our importance
I am a human fish just as you’re a human being
I am the Fisher-Human


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