Crying wailing dying

Cough rough tough

Broad blood flood

Yet pushing further earthly crisis

Sweeping away soil’s naturality

Digging graves for eternity

Man’s inhumanity against man

Man’s inhumanity against nature

Not concerned about the nearest future

Searching for immediate and everlasting gains

Billions kept trillions hidden

Not even for the common good of all

But for man’s self-aggrandizement

Fallen mahoganies-irokos-ogbeches

Enemies of the motor saw

Drying lakes-creeks-ponds

Enemies of burning earthly furnace

Cruel vessels every minute passed

Enemies of croaker-sardinella-tilapia

Every activity birthing an enemy

Endless blasting for the mines

Paving way for the numerous crimes

Stealing of the gold and limestones

Endless digging of the ground for precious stones

Paving way for the crude and blood

Dirty floors flowing dark blood

Gas pipe blast millions die

Trashed canned sorrowful movies

Overflowing before our eyes on the water bodies

Man still ignorant of his death date

Only thinking drinking on birth date

Enjoyment is good but not for a fool

Who treat its landlord as a broom

Sweeping with it for selfishness’s sake

Newton’s 3rd law is no joker

Our actions are only but a stone

Let it not be thrown into a glass house

Lest we are self-destroyed


These enemies we must avoid

If we must move forward

Think of the hotness

Think of the dryness

Think of the pollution

Think of the destruction

For it is not just we who dies

In every space lies other lives

Let not your boiling pot burn down their body

For we all belong to this FALLING UNIVERSE

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