The Church of England has set up a £100m fund as part of its apology for past involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Justin Welby
Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom
& the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury.

The church made the announcement on Tuesday following research that showed that the church’s commissioners through the Queen Anne’s Bounty, a fund established in 1704, invested in the South Sea Company which traded in chattel slavery.

Chattel slavery is enslaving and owning human beings and their offspring, forcing them to work without wages.

In its response to the findings, the church commissioners’ board said it would try to address some of the past wrongs through the fund.

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and chair of the church commissioners, said the church would do whatever was necessary even though resources are “stretched”.

“I am deeply sorry for these links. It is now time to take action to address our shameful past,” Welby said.


“It is hard to do this at a time when resources in many parishes are so stretched, but by acting rightly we open ourselves to the blessing of God.”

The church said the fund would be delivered over the next nine years and would be dedicated to programmes on investment, research and engagement.

“The church commissioners will also continue to use its voice as a responsible investor to address and combat modern slavery and human rights violations, and to seek to address injustice and inequalities,” the statement reads.

The church added that a new oversight group would be formed with “significant membership from communities impacted by historic slavery”.

“This group will work with the church commissioners on shaping and delivering the response, listening widely to ensure this work is done sensitively and with accountability,” the statement added.

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14 thoughts on “Slave trade: Church of England apologises for ‘shameful past’, sets up £100m fund”
  1. I am so much touched by this move, how I wish it would be a reality. Knowing how we displaced and our historical foundations tampered. We don’t only ask compensation for the human slavery whose rights were deprived but also the colonial system that tampered with our lands boundaries and foundations. The church of England left a scar by taking sides with the wicked members of the society who we’re not only selfish but they were self centered.

  2. The monarchy is the Head of the church of England – the Anglican Church. Colonialism was driven by English royals in the name of the king/Queen. Today, British gvts are at the forefront of modern day slavery where they champion international persecution of gvts resisting further slavery through neo-colonialism. Today, Zimbabwe has suffered isolation through diabolic d
    sanctions as a direct result of Britain’s direct actions to punish us for resisting continued enslavement and trying to correct the effects of a century of slavery. Hypocrites!

  3. What actions did other Churches that existed at that time take? I believe there were many Churches striving on slave trade and it formed the basis of their worldwide expansion and exploitation up to date.

  4. It is a good move taken by the church of Enland, how do they intend erasing the teachings fused for many decades of Christian enslavement in our minds?
    Now I have a Christian name.!!

  5. It is too little too late for apologies from the church of England in the sense that slavery has taken over from centuries of slavery and colonialism and any opposition from any quarter is simply and silently quashed and leading opposition are silenced and their leaders removed
    Ironically through the help of the victims of colonisation by modern day technology AI , robotics V2K mind control etc
    Unless the European countries come out and openly apologize backed up by positive action and financial compensation to Africa , it is never going to happen
    They should also reing in the minorities amongst them still believing they can get away by quietly carrying on the practice if they continue conniving with some unpatriotic nationals with v2k ( voice to skull ) technology

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